A Tesla now LiVs in Space

Today marks a mile stone in the history of space or the universe for that matter. For the first time in history a car has left the confines of earth’s gravitational field and will travel into space for potentially billions of years. Launched on-board the SpaceX Heavy, the Tesla Roadster reached supersonic speeds. Driving, well piloting the car, is “Starman” who is dressed in a space suit with the Roadster’s top down. With temperatures far below freezing, try at least 454 degrees F below zero, the ride is going to be rather brisk for Starman. This is very different than a ride in South Florida or Vegas for sure!


1 thought on “A Tesla now LiVs in Space”

  1. I am assuming there was not push to send it on its way since for 4 hours it seems to stay pretty close to the earth. Usually something out of the gravitational pull will start to move away at a faster rate but seems to stay pretty close.

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