LiV Miami Like a Local with the LiV List of Miami Nightclubs and Bars

Are you looking for South Beach Miami’s best clubs, bar, and nightlife venues? If you are here is the LiV Miami list of the Best Clubs in and around Miami and Miami Beach. Each selection on this list has something special to offer so make sure you check them all out. Miami and Miami Beach are packed full of options so we are going to try and make this a little less complicated for you.

Club Space | Image via

Club Space

34 NE 11th Street | Miami, Florida | 786.357.6456 |

If you are into the late night party scene, shall we say early morning nightlife, Club Space is the pinnacle of Miami nightlife.  Located just across the causeway from Miami Beach, Clubs Space is the go-to for after hours.  Located in the exclusively zoned Miami Entertainment District, Club Space is open and serving after most all other venues have called it a night. A Miami must if you like a party!

Here is what the locals are saying:
“I’ve been to several of the clubs in Miami and this was by far my favorite I’ve been to”  -Stephanie H via YELP | Miami, FL
“Def my favorite club in Miami” –Amro M via YELP | Miami, FL
“Music is always good and the crowd is awesome, Great for late night, after party” –Eleanor H. via YELP | Miami, FL

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Purdy Lounge | Image via

Purdy Lounge

1811 Purdy Ave | Miami Beach, Florida | 786.357.6456 |

A favorite among locals, Purdy Lounge is one of those places on South Beach that you can run into just about anyone.  From a celebrity to a local that thinks they are a celebrity…everyone goes to Purdy Lounge as some point and time. Laid back with a chill vibe, Purdy Lounge is a jewel that you have to check out.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“This is a fun, chill, dance spot that is not like the usual crazy clubs of Miami.”  –Aaron W via YELP | Miami Beach, FL
“I LOVE THIS BAR! Purdy Lounge is all around fantastic” –Roxana R. via YELP | Miami, FL
“This is the go-to dance spot when you’ve been barhopping all night.” –Fanny R. via YELP | Miami, FL

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Twist South Beach | Image via

TWIST South Beach

1057 Washington Avenue | Miami Beach, Florida | 305.53.TWIST |

Never A Cover, Always A Groove!  That is Twist!  Twist is the gay bar of Miami Beach.  Welcoming to everyone, Twist is actually 5 bars in one!  Whether you are looking for a Latin bar, a dance bar, a go-go bar, or just a relaxed place to sip a beer, it can all be found at Twist.  Voted year after year as the Best Gay Bar In Miami Beach, Twist is one of those places where you will always have an incredible time.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“I live here in south beach…twist is the number one gay go to spot in Miami Beach. ”  –Kyle J. via YELP | Miami Beach, FL
“You don’t know what you are missing until you have seen it all!!” –Maylen C. via YELP | Miami, FL
“This establishment offers something for everyone. ” –Seth K. via YELP | Miami Beach, FL

For the TWIST schedule of events CLICK HERE


Mangos Miami BEach
Mango’s Miami Beach | Image via

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

900 Ocean Drive | Miami Beach, Florida | 305.673.4422  |

The main attraction at this SoBe hotspot at 900 Ocean Dr. is the wait staff who provide spicy gyrating eyecandy to the throngs of tourists and locals who stop by every night for the tropical café’s exotic dinner, drinks and dancing. Don’t be shocked when your bartender hops on stage and starts to groove in sync with their tight leopard-print-wearing female counterparts and buff, sweaty bare-chested male coworkers. Try to keep your eyes away from the flesh and focus on the feet; you just might pick up the rhythm.

Here is what visitors are saying:
“This is the ultimate party place ”  –Mark M. via YELP | Miami, FL
“If you’re in Miami you gotta stop in. Good vibe. Good drinks. Great time!” –David S. via YELP | Palmdale, CA
“This is such a unique place to visit when vacationing in Miami.” SChris G. via YELP | New York, NY

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Macs Club Deuce | Image via

MAC’S Club Deuce Bar

222 14th Street | Miami Beach, Florida | 305-531-6200 |

If you are a fan of Miami VIce, you’ve seen Club Deuce in many of the episodes. If you are a fan of Playboy Magazine, they names Club Deuce one of the best dive bars in America in 2010…..and that’s just a start!.  Club Deuce is legendary and you have stop by and at least have a drink.  The decor is iconic, the people are characters and the bar itself is a neon paradise. Do yourself a favor and check Mac’s out as this is more of a museum than a bar.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“It is one of the best dive bars I’ve ever been to”  –Shwetha S. via YELP | Miami, FL
“Pure un-ashamed dive bar! What you see is what you get.” –Alaina L. via YELP | Miami Beach, FL
“Dive bars are an endangered species in this country and “The Deuce” is one of the few left. ” –Shawn H. via YELP | Miami, FL

For more information on MAC’s Club Deuce CLICK HERE


Nikki Beach | Image via

Nikki Beach

One Ocean Drive | Miami Beach, Florida |  305.538.1111 |

The essence of the South Beach luxury beach club, Nikki Beach is a place to see and be seen.  Located at the tip of South Beach, Nikki Beach is all about the sand and the surf with bodies all around. The day scene is all about getting your tan and day party on but, when the sun sets, the real party begins.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“I had an absolutely amazing time!!!”  –Frances G. via YELP | Ft Lauderdale, FL
“Nikki Beach is a fabulous place. Great food and fabulous staff.” –Sher C. via YELP | Miami Beach, FL
“I’ve brunched many places and I’d have to say hands down, that this was one of my favorite places. ” –T.J. S. via YELP | Miami, FL

For the Nikki Beach schedule of events CLICK HERE

Do Not Sit On The Furniture | Image via

Do Not Sit On The Furniture

423 16th Street | Miami Beach, Florida |  510-551-5067 |

Do Not Sit On The Furniture is the premier venue for underground music scene in Miami Beach.  Offering a sophisticated environment for music lovers, Do Not Sit On The Furniture stands out from the competition.  They have a reasonable dress code and cover charge gets you access to some of the most cutting edge DJ’s from around the world. Want bottle service, they have that also!  If you are wanting to sit…don’t worry, they have booths and an outside patio that you are welcome to take a load of a sit.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“Best underground house music spot in South Beach.”  –Marian C. via YELP | Miami, FL
“If you like top Electronic Music this is the place. ” –Issam S. via YELP | Miami, FL
“I can honestly say that this club offers so many extras that other clubs do not.” –Lisa S. via YELP | Ft Lauderdale. FL

For the Do Not Sit On The Furniture schedule of events CLICK HERE


The Electric Pickle Company | Image via

The Electric Pickle Company

2826 North Miami Avenue | Miami, Florida |  305-456-5613 |

The Electric Pickle Company is an intimate, liquor fueled love machine, designed as a forum for creative expression and cross cultural exploration, geared towards the discerning music enthusiast. Miami’s premier boutique, entertainment and music venue located in the heart of Midtown’s Wynwood Arts District. 3500sf, 2 room + outdoor patio, 300 person capacity, live stage, deejay friendly with custom Dynacord sound.

Here is what the locals are saying:
“The Electric Pckle has become a Miami icon. Relaxed atmosphere with the best DJs”  –Mike A. via YELP | Miami, FL
“he only true venue in Miami that knows how to get down underground.” –Katrina T. via YELP | Miami, FL
“If your looking to get down, like really get down this is the spot to go.” –Michelle R. via YELP | Ft Lauderdale. FL

For The Electric Pickle Company schedule of events CLICK HERE


The Basement | Image via

Basement Miami

2901 Collins Avenue | Miami Beach, Florida |  786-641-7119 |

It’s not the music your dad listened to or the stuff your mom played in the car on the way to school. It’s not about Saturday Night Fever, although we don’t mind a bit of hairspray and spandex. It’s about taking back the nightclub experience. It’s about inclusivity rather than exclusivity. It’s about dancing like nobody’s watching. Above all, it’s about contributing. We want you to be involved; we want you to express yourself; we want you to have fun.

Developed by the legendary Ian Schrager of Studio 54, we’ve got a lineup curated by NYC nightlife impresario Nicholas Matar, branding and vibes from Miami veteran Ben Pundole, and a whole bunch of local swagger from Josh Wagner. Come to dance, come to bowl, come to skate on our mini ice rink. Come dressed up or dressed down, keep it classy or behave badly, just remember: the greatest crime is to be boring. #GiveSomeGetSome

Here is what the locals are saying:
“Oh yea, it’s a fun place and a very “Miami” and “South Beach” to go to. ”  –Monica G. via YELP | Miami, FL
“It’s a cute idea for a club; downstairs of a hotel on south beach. It’s modern, clean, and hidden.” –Mena M. via YELP | Orlando, FL
“Our new favorite spot!” –Edina H. via YELP | Boca Raton. FL

For the Basement Miami schedule of events CLICK HERE


Rockwell Miami | Image via

Rockwell Miami

743 Washington Avenue | Miami Beach, Florida |  305-793-3882 |

“LA cool, New York music and Miami Energy” is Chris Paciello’s vision of Rockwell Miami. With a focus on hospitality, Rockwell offers a wide variety of DJ’s and musical format but, Rockwell is not another megaclub and they are not DJ driven. It’s all about the experience. Rockwell’s location is the former home to Les Bains and Chaos and will only hold around 450 at maximum capacity.

“Best Monday night club in Miami. ”  –Angie S. via YELP | Miami Beach, FL
“This place always has the best music! Beautiful crowd and great vibe!” –Dan R. via YELP | Orlando, FL
“It’s always a guaranteed good time ” –Rodrigo A. via YELP | Boca Raton. FL

For the Rockwell schedule of events CLICK HERE


E11EVEN Miami | Image via


29 NE 11th Street | Miami, Florida |  786-460-4803 |

An immersive adventure encompassing the luxury and sophistication of a one-of-kind experience, the world’s only 24/7 Ultraclub, E11EVEN MIAMI is entertainment reimagined.  Winner of the prestigious “Best New Concept” award, as well as landing on the “Top-10 Nightclubs in America” awarded by Nightclub & Bar, plus the “Top-50 Clubs in the world” listed by DJ Magazine and ranked #6 in the “World’s Top-10 New Year’s Eve Celebrations” by Yahoo Travel, stabilizing its presence as one of the most sought-after venue for both public and private events alike.

“Upper class club full bar, great DJ music and awesome entertainment.”  –Rick M. via YELP | Miami, FL
“Put on your big girl panties and check your inhibitions at the door.” –Gina H. via YELP | Miami, FL
“A nightlife experience unlike any other. Probably my favorite spot in Miami” –Angie S. via YELP | Miami Beach. FL

For the E11EVEN MIAMI schedule of events CLICK HERE