This Father’s Day, Planet Fitness  is inviting dads everywhere to work something other than their careers, fatherly magic or their way through 4,000 pieces of “some assembly required” furniture; 2018 is all about working that “dad bod” with pride.

Building on last year’s buzz-worthy movement first ignited by Planet Fitness in celebration of this much-loved body type, the Judgement Free Zone® commissioned a second, national study* that further paints a picture of positivity and acceptance when it comes to praise for the dad bod. In fact, not only is this body type on the rise – with 25.1 million adult men in America (21 percent) self-identifying as having a dad bod in 2018 versus 21.5 million adult men in America (18 percent) in 2017 – but both men and women agree that it’s the ultimate badge of fatherhood and comes with a plethora of benefits – from increased confidence, happiness with physical appearance and even greater marital bliss.

Seven in ten (70 percent) people believe that dad bods are universally accepted today, and about two-thirds of women find men with dad bods both attractive (67 percent) and sexy (62 percent). In fact, 65 percent of women would rather marry someone with a dad bod than a man with a six-pack. Additional findings include:

  • Meeting Mr. Right. Seven in 10 (70 percent) women believe men with dad bods have happier marriages, and 83 percent of women believe that sporting a dad bod is a true sign of confidence.
  • A Little Extra Goes a Long Way. Sixty-two percent of men with dad bods feel that having one has improved their lives. These men feel less concerned with their appearance (43 percent), are more accepting of themselves (42 percent) and are more confident (25 percent).
  • More Than Just a Dad Bod. Women whose significant others have dad bods feel the body type helps make him an amazing father (46 percent), a provider (40 percent) and a fantastic partner (39 percent).

With all this love for love handles on the rise, Planet Fitness is now offering men around the globe the opportunity to work that dad bod not just on Father’s Day, but 365 days a year with a first-of-its-kind, limited-time calendar. From “dread lifts” to “leafing lunges,” the calendar features 12 months of laugh-out-loud exercises that show how men can use their dad bods to exercise in everyday situations and make it through the year victorious. (Sort of.)

Examples of the monthly step-by-step “work it” workouts include:

  • The Sunrise Sprint (September): After a long family-filled summer, the school bells are ringing. The first day of school is a yearly flurry that takes every bit of energy you’ve got. So, (1) wake everyone up, (2) wake everyone up again, (3) make breakfast and once everyone is ready and in the car, (4) make everyone get out of car, (5) calm crying kids, (6) calm crying spouse and (7) pretend you’re not crying, too.
  • The Leafing Lunge (October): The trees have gone bald, and this is now your problem: 74,000 wayward leaves, six awkwardly oblong paper bags and one long afternoon. First (1) make a pile in the front yard, then (2) make a pile in the backyard. After scolding kids for jumping in said piles, (3) re-rake everything, (4) make sure the coast is clear and (5) dump it all in the neighbor’s yard.
  • The Ripcord (May): They said prime the engine; you chuckled and wheeled it to the shed. Months later, your grass is unruly, bees are rampant and starting your lawnmower is impossible. So, you (1) grasp cord, then (2) pull, (3) pull, (4) pull, (5) pull, (6) pull … (7) hire a gardener.

“As home of the Judgement Free Zone, we’re encouraged to see an ever-growing acceptance for the dad bod and want to encourage everyone to pass that acceptance on to themselves and others,” said Jamie Medeiros, Vice President of Marketing at Planet Fitness. “This Father’s Day, we’re excited to celebrate dads for all they do for us, day in and day out. That’s why we’re releasing a limited-time calendar to serve as a year-long reminder for how to work those bods every day with confidence. Contributing 100 percent of proceeds to benefit Men’s Health Initiative is the cherry on top in our support of men looking to achieve their health and wellness goals.”

The exclusive calendars are available for purchase now at for $10 each. All proceeds benefit Men’s Health Initiative, a national organization whose mission is to empower boys and men to achieve optimal health and wellness. Every dollar goes toward sustaining a supportive and empowering community for males and their families.

“There are many men out there who don’t know where to turn when diagnosing or addressing health concerns,” said Dr. Michael Rovito, Founder and Chairman of Men’s Health Initiative. “The goal of Men’s Health Initiative is to build a supportive and empowering community for males and their families to achieve optimal health and wellness. We’re honored to partner with Planet Fitness and look forward to enlisting countless boys and men to foster a culture of health as well as adopt healthy lifestyles for themselves and loved ones.”

To purchase a “How-to Guide for Working Your Dad Bod” calendar for the dads in your life or to find a club near you, please visit